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the PRP facial

Vampires are hot right now and pop culture is still obsessed, so it shouldn’t come as no surprise that this fascination has made its way into the skin-care world in the form of the Facial. You may remember when Kim Kardashian opted to get this innovative skin care treatment a couple of years ago. PRP facials Known as the “Vampire facial” is a nonsurgical rejuvenation treatment for aging skin is actually quite safe. Your own blood, in the form of platelet-rich plasma (PRP), is injected back into the skin to help rejuvenate the facial tissue. Some people say that it is the best way to reverse the aging process.

Why are platelets so magical? Platelets (white blood cells) contain a number of growth factors that can stimulate collagen synthesis, skin renewal, cell growth, and tissue regeneration. For the Vampire facial procedure, a small amount of blood is drawn (usually 1 to 2 vials depending on the areas being treated) and is spun in a centrifuge to separate the platelets and plasma from the red blood cells. The PRP is then injected into those areas where you want to smooth the skin and improve the appearance of wrinkles.

Most women don’t need to go under the knife for face lift surgery, which is good because most of them don’t want to. The surgical face lift is pretty serious, and very invasive. With today’s technology Women and men are turning to more natural less risky and safer anti aging procedures.

The original “Vampire Facelift” Proccedure uses hyaluronic-acid fillers and PRP in conjunction to help improve the appearance of wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin. The theory is that “the hyaluronic-acid fillers act as like a little scaffolding on which the new PRP-induced tissue growth occurs”.

But the truth is, there is a huge difference between PRP therapy and fillers. Most fillers including Juvederm and Restylane are composed of solid material (hyaluronic acid) which injected can fill lines and deeper folds. They often last for short period of time and require repeated treatments to plump the area again. On the other hand, PRP stimulates collagen growth for absolute facial rejuvenation instead of individual wrinkle enhancement.

PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is recommended for faces that appear drawn, to soften below eye puffiness, enhance the overall skin tone, texture and tightness and seal skin areas where fillers are not able to reach.
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So the Big question: is the PRP facial right for me ?

Is your skin tone simply not as healthy and smooth as on previous occasions? Have you noted fine lines and sagging skin around your eyes, cheeks and mouth? Are you conscious of the puffiness and dark circles below your eyes?
The best recommended solution to these types of skin issues is Platelet Rich Plasma therapy. PRP is an advanced treatment technology that utilizes ingredients present in an individual’s blood in order to regenerate their skin and revitalize collagen, leading to healthy, young looking skin.

When PRP is injected into particular parts of the skin, its high platelet concentration functions as a matrix that stimulates the growth of new collagen, revitalizes skin tissue and hence leads to a naturally smooth and firm skin. As a result, PRP treatment gets rid of wrinkles and creates a smoother skin feel and tone.

PRP can be injected under the eyes, forehead, and smile lines as well as into deep wrinkles to stimulate collagen regrowth allowing the area to tighten and regain the youthful glow that you once had. Skin rejuvenation with PRP can be done on the neck, Décolleté, and even the back of hands.

We have found that PRP has the best results when it is applied topically all over the face and then pushed into the dermal layer of the skin with the use of a dermaroller or a dermapen.
and Because this PRP is made from the patient’s own blood, there is no risk for rejection, infection, or an allergic reaction. PRP can be repeated, and better results are seen with a total of 2-3 treatments given 3-4 months apart. Patients can expect to see better results as they receive more treatments. With time, the results of PRP get better and better.

Anyone who wishes to reduce volume loss, fine lines, and textural changes of the skin is suitable for the vampire facial. It also appeals to the person who is looking for a much more natural approach to volumizing and rejuvenating the face by reducing those fine lines.
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The PRP Facial

At our Day Spas, the PRP Facial starts out like most facials, except we first need a few vials of your blood. Our nurse will draw a few vials of your blood and begin prepping it by spinning it in a centrifuge to isolate the PRP from the red blood cells.

While she is doing that, our aesthetician will be giving you a cleansing, exfoliation, and toning treatment with our delicious skin care products followed by dermaplanning, which can best be described as a close shave intended to rid your face of dead skin.

Next we perform a HydraFacial treatment, which nourishes and hydrates the skin while ridding it of dirt and dead skin cells. Think of it as your skin taking the best gulp of water it’s ever had.

Then we do the extractions of the Pimples and blackheads. Followed by a face massage with our anti-aging supreme formula, a serum that contains 79 of the best essential oils, antioxidants, extracts, peptides, and healing agents that help oxygenate and tone the skin.

She will then brush on a layer of PRP cells onto the areas where she will be utilizing the dermapen. The dermapen is a device with about 8-10 acupuncture size needles that will push down into the dermis about 2.0 mm. By using the dermapen you can be very specific as to where and how deep you would like to deliver the PRP. By using the dermapen or a dermaroller the anti aging serum and the PRP absorption rate is increased by 100 to 1000 percent.

After about 15 minutes of micro needling to the face, we apply a cooling mask and finish up with another layer of our anti aging moisturizer.
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The Dermapen / Dermaroller

The Dermapen / Dermaroller facial by itself stimulates new collagen and elastin fibers growth, which makes your skin smoother and all around clearer. Aestheticians have been using the Dermapen and or the dermaroller for microneedling facials for over 10 years now. When you add PRP to this facial the results are even more amazing.

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Here are the most common questions we receive about the PRP facial.

[accordion title=”Is the PRP Facial safe ?” opened=”0″ class_icon_closed=”plus” class_icon_opened=”minus” border=”true”]Used on thousands of patients worldwide, the Vampire Facial has been shown to be both safe and effective. Vampire Facial contains only autologous components and no severe adverse reactions have been reported (nodules, bumps or granulomas).[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Where and How is The PRP applied ?” opened=”0″ class_icon_closed=”plus” class_icon_opened=”minus” border=”true”]PRP can be applied just below the surface of your skin in specific spots, using a needle or it can be applied topically all over the face and then the Dermapen is used to penetrate the PRP into your skin.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”How is the PRP Facial performed ?” opened=”0″ class_icon_closed=”plus” class_icon_opened=”minus” border=”true”]Vampire Facial yields a natural biologically-active PRP, loaded with viable platelets that can be applied in a simple, safe, quick, and minimally invasive outpatient procedure. Application typically takes place in the physician’s office. Your doctor can use a variety of pain management techniques during treatment to ensure your comfort throughout the process.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Does the PRP Facial have any side effects ?” opened=”0″ class_icon_closed=”plus” class_icon_opened=”minus” border=”true”]Since PRP Facial uses your own blood and does not contain any animal or synthetic components, there is virtually no risk of an allergic reaction and there have been no reported allergic reactions to date. Consequently, skin allergy testing is unnecessary prior to treatment. However, if you have a history of allergies please inform your physician. There have been no known serious side effects reported in actual usage. However, you may experience some common reactions, such as mild irritation, edema, bruising, swelling, itching, discoloration or tenderness at the injection site. These temporary conditions typically resolve themselves within one to two days.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”How long does the PRP facial take to do ?” opened=”0″ class_icon_closed=”plus” class_icon_opened=”minus” border=”true”]This cutting-edge rejuvenation is a quick 45-minute procedure. [/accordion]

[accordion title=”What results can I expect ?” opened=”0″ class_icon_closed=”plus” class_icon_opened=”minus” border=”true”]The treatment will provide a gradual increase in volume by helping to stimulate your body’s own collagen production. Following your treatment, you will see immediate results. Once the initial swelling goes down, it may take up to 3 weeks to see sustained volume gain.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Do I need more than one PRP facial to get good results ?” opened=”0″ class_icon_closed=”plus” class_icon_opened=”minus” border=”true”]Desired results may be achieved in just one visit. Depending on your age you may need a few treatments to achieve the results you are after.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Does the PRP Facial produce permanent results ?” opened=”0″ class_icon_closed=”plus” class_icon_opened=”minus” border=”true”]The PRP facial treatment offers natural and lasting effects that improve with each additional treatment.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Are there any risks or complications ?” opened=”0″ class_icon_closed=”plus” class_icon_opened=”minus” border=”true”]Because PRP is made from the patient’s own blood, there is no risk for rejection, infection, or an allergic reaction.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Will my skin become noticeably hard to the touch ?” opened=”0″ class_icon_closed=”plus” class_icon_opened=”minus” border=”true”]No The PRP facial is a natural process using your own biology, there has not been any cases or no known associated risks.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”How Does PRP Help regenerate healthier skin cells ?” opened=”0″ class_icon_closed=”plus” class_icon_opened=”minus” border=”true”]The body’s first response to regeneration is to deliver platelet cells. Packed with growth and healing factors, platelets initiate collagen repair and attract the critical assistance of stem cells. The vampire facial using the dermapen or dermaroller naturally intensifies the body’s efforts by delivering a higher concentration of platelets directly into the area in need. To create PRP, a small sample of your blood is drawn and placed in a centrifuge that spins the blood at high speeds, separating the platelets from the other components. The process is handled manually by a lab technician, producing higher concentrations of platelets and a much more pure concentration of the beneficial blood components. The PRP is then injected into face, jump-starting and significantly increasing the regeneration process. Because your own blood is used, there is no risk of a transmissible infection and a low risk of allergic reaction.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”For what types of patients is this procedure most suitable ?” opened=”0″ class_icon_closed=”plus” class_icon_opened=”minus” border=”true”]Any patient who wishes to reduce volume loss, fine lines, and textural changes of the skin is suitable for this procedure. It also appeals to the patient who is looking for a natural approach to volumizing the face and treating or reducing fine lines.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”How does PRP therapy compare with injections of filler, Botox, or surgical face lifts ?” opened=”0″ class_icon_closed=”plus” class_icon_opened=”minus” border=”true”]PRPprocedures can be combined with dermal fillers, Botox injections, and laser surgery, as well as facial surgery. PRP builds tissue over time, whereas traditional filler breaks down over time.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”How long will my face be red after the PRP facial ?” opened=”0″ class_icon_closed=”plus” class_icon_opened=”minus” border=”true”]The Redness from the Vampire facial only lasts about 24-48 hours.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”When you get a PRP Face Lift with fillers, is the prp mixed with the filler or done separate, and why ?” opened=”0″ class_icon_closed=”plus” class_icon_opened=”minus” border=”true”]A PRP face lift is a combination of hyaluronic acids such as Perlane and Restylane placed in the face which will last anywhere from 6 months to a year, followed immediately by the placement of platelet rich plasma. You usually start with the hyaluronic acid filler, injecting the eyes first with the Restylane then moving to the cheeks with the Perlane. Then follow with the PRP. This technique yields a fantastic result for deep lines and wrinkles.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Will PRP help improve bags and puffiness under the eyes?” opened=”0″ class_icon_closed=”plus” class_icon_opened=”minus” border=”true”]There are numerous causes for dark circles under the eyes. While lack of sleep is certainly one of them, other common causes include: pigmentation irregularities, sun exposure, visible blood vessels, stress, allergies, atopic dermatitis, pseudoherniation (outpouching) of fat from the eyelid, and heredity, to name a few.

Some pigment can be treated with laser and/or bleaching creams. However, if it is too deep the treatment will not be effective. Surgery can not correct dark circles due to every cause, but it will correct dark circles that are due to the aging process. You are still young, and the cause of your dark circles is not age related. This will influence the method of treatment.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”How much does a PRP Facial Cost ?” opened=”0″ class_icon_closed=”plus” class_icon_opened=”minus” border=”true”]The normal price of a PRP facial ranges from $700-$1200 dollars depending on where you live.[/accordion]

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