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Facials are just one of the steps to maintaining healthy, clear skin but can also be a relaxing way to pamper yourself. Facials consist of the cleansing and exfoliating of the skin and the extraction of blackheads or whiteheads that clog pores. Often times, facials are designed or catered to a client’s skin type or problem areas. Everyone’s skin is different, but whether skin is dry, oily, a combination of the two, sensitive or normal, there is a facial to cater to its needs.
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What to expect during your facial:

When having a facial it is important to be clear about how your skin reacts to products or to being touched. Your facial technician will be able to diagnose what sort of products will be used during the treatment and what sort of regimen should be followed after your appointment.
Facials usually begin with a cleansing and analysis of the skin under a bright light. How the aesthetician proceeds will depend on their diagnosis, but the process usually consists of:
1. Exfoliation
2. Extraction
3. Massage
4. Mask
5. Moisturizer

Because everyone has different levels of comfort or tolerance, be clear with your technician about how much extraction you can stand as some find the procedure uncomfortable. Extractions are usually followed by a relaxing, stroking massage to stimulate blood flow and circulation to the face muscles. Finally, a mask catering to your skin type will usually be applied before the facial wraps up with the application of moisturizers and home care advice is given.
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Anti Aging Facials

Anti-aging facials use products and techniques designed to slow the aging process, brighten skin, and reduce wrinkles. If you long for a more youthful complexion, select from a variety of anti-aging facial treatments ranging from vitamin-infused serums to light therapy facials to microdermabrasion.
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What is an anti-aging facial?

Anti-aging facials use products and techniques designed to slow the aging process, brighten skin, and reduce wrinkles. Read more about benefits of Anti-Aging Facials here. If you’re on the quest for younger-looking skin, you’re in luck. There are a variety of anti-aging facial treatments to select from, including those utilizing vitamin-infused serums, collagen creams, and rejuvenating facial massage techniques. Additional anti-aging solutions include light therapy facials, laser skin services, and microdermabrasion.
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Why get an anti-aging facial?

If you want to fight the war against wrinkles, enlisting in an anti-aging facial treatment at your favorite spa is a good strategy. Facials are designed to rejuvenate skin with all elements—from exfoliation (sloughing away dead, skin-dulling cells) to moisturizing to massage (improving circulation)—acting together to improve skin’s texture. An anti-aging facial is an effective preventative measure when it comes to the aging process, and is good option if you want to skip the surgery for something less invasive.
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An array of anti-aging facials is at your disposal including:

Microdermabrasion: Great for all skin types, this popular treatment involves a blast of micro-crystals blown across the skin and then vacuumed out, in order to remove dead cells on the surface of the skin. No downtime is required and it is designed to reverse the signs of aging and clear up skin conditions such as acne.

Light therapy treatments: This slightly invasive skin emits high-intensity pulses of light to penetrate the skin’s surface to help diminish fine lines, reduce pores, eliminate redness, fix broken capillaries, and more. Recovery time is not required, although initial redness may occur.

Exfoliating facial: Exfoliating facials boost circulation, diminish fine lines and wrinkles, and even out skin tone by eliminating outer layers of skin and prompting up cell turnover.
Collagen facial: This treatment attempts to halt the aging process by working deep within the dermis layers, where collagen proteins can be found.
Glycolic acid facial: These skincare treatments utilize glycolic acid, one of a family of acids called alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) that are common in anti-aging preparations.
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Acne/Deep Cleansing Facial

Discover the clear truth about acne/deep-cleansing facials. This guide shares info about what these facials are and why you should go, also see links to spas that offer these facials.
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What is an acne/deep cleansing facial?

Acne treatments are not just for teenagers anymore, many people in their 20’s, 30’s, and beyond are dealing with this potentially embarrassing condition. Treatments for acne may include visits to a dermatologist or a visit to a spa. At a spa, treatments for acne usually employ deep-pore and deep-tissue cleansing to rid the skin of excess oils and stimulate circulation. Antibacterial ingredients are often utilized in a deep cleansing facial to prevent acne breakouts.
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Why get an acne/deep cleansing facial?

Acne facials or deep cleansing facials are recommended for clients prone to oily or acne skin or for those with uneven complexions. Both men and women can take advantage of the benefits of acne/deep-cleansing facials, which generally incorporate a combination of thorough steaming, deep cleansing, facial extractions to remove pore-clogging sebum, and a variation of a healing mask and moisturizer. Salicylic and glycolic acids aimed at managing and thwarting acne flare-ups are often utilized.
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When you go for a facial:

Spa staff members such as aestheticians will often analyze clients’ skin condition and issues relating to their skin to tailor an individual skin-care program for them. Make sure that your therapist has experience with acne/deep-cleansing facials; you don’t want to make your acne worse! Don’t be afraid to ask questions to find out exactly what is being done to your skin. Be sure to let the therapist know if you are on any acne medications already because some products do not react well with acne/deep-cleansing facials. For those who suffer from more extreme cases of acne, a spa facial may not be the best treatment. In this case, the therapist should advise you to make an appointment with a dermatologist.

In many cases, more than one treatment is needed to achieve the desired result. Some spas offer separate treatments for teenagers and adults; others provide a one-size-fits-all approach to fighting acne. Generally, a series of acne/deep cleansing facials as well as an at-home care that features a daily skin-care regimen is recommended for ideal results. Hopefully, these treatments will also assist in preventing future breakouts.
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Custom Facials

When it comes to your skin, sometimes it’s tough to face the facts. If your less-than-perfect complexion is causing you stress and could use a pick-me-up, you may want to consider booking a custom facial at your favorite spa.
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What is a Custom Facial?

Custom facials can address a variety of needs ranging from premature aging and environmental damage to acne flare-ups to a dull and patchy complexion. Custom facials use products and techniques precisely fit your skincare concerns. Custom facials can address a variety of needs ranging from premature aging and environmental damage to acne flare-ups to a dull and patchy complexion. When it comes to our skin, sometimes it’s tough to face the facts. If your less-than-perfect complexion is causing you stress and could use a pick-me-up, you may want to consider booking a custom facial at your favorite spa.

These tailored treatments can cater to all skin types and may include deep cleansing, extractions, exfoliation, or more high-tech procedures such as peels and microdermabrasion. For an added treat, some spas offer a quick head, neck, and shoulder massage to complement the facial. Learn more about custom facials here.

Before your facial begins, your aesthetician will do a consult to acknowledge what type of maintenance is needed. If you don’t know what skin type you have—combination, oily, dry, etc.—don’t worry. Estheticians are trained to recognize your skin type and will help you put your best face forward by creating a skincare treatment and routine designed specifically for you. Some treatments, such as microdermabrasion, are most effective when performed in a series scheduled over a few months’ time.

Custom facials are a popular treatment in the spa industry. Even if a spa doesn’t list a custom facial on their menu, just ask. The spa may be able to accommodate you and tailor a facial treatment just for you.
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Spa Tips

Don’t be afraid to speak up—many estheticians are able to suggest an at-home customized skincare regimen, along with helpful tips for your specific skin type, following a treatment so you can maintain your post-facial radiance. The solution for a clear, healthy complexion is to determine which products are right for you.
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Exfoliating Facials

Exfoliating facials are designed to remove dead cells on the outer layers of the skin and speed cell turnover, restoring a healthy glow and even skin tone.
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What is an exfoliating facial?

The benefits to exfoliating are virtually endless, from increasing blood circulation and reducing fine lines and wrinkles to stimulating cellular renewal, so slough away. Exfoliating facials are designed to remove dead cells on the outer layers of the skin and speed cell turnover, restoring a healthy glow and even skin tone. Facial exfoliation can be performed in one of two ways—either manually or chemically—with exfoliating agents ranging from delicate jojoba granules, coffee grinds, and sugar scrubs to more aggressive methods, including popular treatments like chemical peels and microdermabrasion.

Mechanical exfoliation manually sloughs away dead skin cells on the outermost layer of the epidermis using scrub-like abrasives. Chemical exfoliation procedures can include products infused with alphahydroxy acids (AHAs) or beta hydroxy acids (BHAs), which are used to loosen skin cells’ binding agents in an effort to buff them away.
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Why get an exfoliating facial?

Regular facial exfoliation is key to any skincare regimen. Exfoliation eliminates the dead surface skin cells and oil that plug sebaceous pores—the leading cause of blackheads, whiteheads, and other acne flare-ups—and leave skin dull and listless. Exfoliation is particularly important if you live in a place (particularly in a major urban area) that is highly exposed to pollution and other air contaminants, or if you have problematic skin. Benefits to exfoliating are endless, from everything from improving complexion and increasing blood circulation to preventing breakouts and reducing fine lines and wrinkles to stimulating cellular renewal. Plus, with proper exfoliation, you’re apt to see an immediate change in your skin. So there you have it. Slough away.

If you can, you may want to have your spa schedule several exfoliating facial sessions along an extended period of time—these particular types of skincare services are especially effective when performed in a series. If you do indulge in an exfoliating facial, it’s also important to note that initial redness may also result.

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Fruit Acid Facial

Get all the juicy info you’ll need to know about fruit acid facials. Find out what goes into a fruit acid facial and why this may be the perfect facial treatment for you.
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What is a fruit acid facial?

Fruit acid facial treatments use acids derived from fruit, which are thought to stimulate collagen levels and improve tone and texture of the skin and may reduce wrinkles, age spots, scars, and hyperpigmentation and treat conditions relating to sensitive skin. Common fruit acids used include citric acids, lactic acids, glycolic acids, malic acids, and tartaric acids taken from sources such as sugar cane, milk, lemons, apples, pears, oranges, and grapes. They may also be known as glycolic acid facials and be listed as peels on some spa menus. Fruit acid facials may include moisturizer, sunscreen, cleansing, and toner.
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Why get a fruit acid facial?

Fruit acid facials are popular for clients with acne- or oily-prone complexions due to their efficacy in eliminating the buildup of dead skin cells.

Because of its rapid recovery period, fruit acid facials are a good alternative for clients apprehensive about indulging in more extensive peels or laser treatments. There are usually little-to-no side effects for fruit acid facials, and the treatment is usually quick with little-to-no downtime. A series of fruit acid facials is generally recommended to achieve desired results and many spas will create an individualized program based on the client’s skin condition and type, age, and the results they are trying to achieve.

Though fruit acid facials are mild peels, some redness, peeling, scaling, and dryness post-facial is to be expected; these conditions can be usually be covered up with makeup. Spa-goers receiving fruit acid facials may be more sensitive to the sun, so should avoid going outside, and if outdoors need to take care to apply sunscreen beforehand.
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Galvanic Facials

Galvanic facials use a direct galvanic electrical current to introduce water-soluble substances through the skin’s surface in an effort to improve ingredient absorption and moisture retention. Aestheticians recommend this facial for spa-goers with dry, dehydrated skin.

Galvanic facials use a direct galvanic electrical current to introduce water-soluble substances through the skin’s surface in an effort to improve ingredient absorption and moisture retention. Galvanic facial treatments are best offered for spa–goers with dry, dehydrated skin, though it also aids in treating those with oily complexion due to its effective removal of congestion.
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Why get a galvanic facial?

Spa-goers can bring new life to their skin with a galvanic facial. This particular type of facials is appropriate for most skin types, whether oily, normal, or dry. It boosts the effectiveness of any skin treatment, and because water-soluble substances are presented to the skin, it increases the skin’s ability to absorb, allowing the active ingredients of the facial as well as skin products to penetrate deeper. If you have a dry complexion, or if your skin is in desperate need of hydration, a galvanic facial treatment is a good choice because it increases moisture retention. Also, if you have problem skin, this treatment is beneficial because it’s targeted at eliminating clogged pores and reducing oils that can lead to acne.

The benefits to receiving a galvanic facial are numerous. Along with hydrating the skin, this facial is said to counteract complexion dullness brought on by ageing or stress, eliminate sebaceous blockage and congestion (major causes of blemishes), increases circulation, and create a healthier glow. Galvanic facials are also a good anti-aging treatment for those who want a fresher look because they are non-invasive and aim at tightening and firming the skin and softening lines and wrinkles, resulting n a plumper, smoother look.

Having a galvanic facial is a painless procedure, though some people say they experience a slight tingling sensation. Because there is no downtime necessary, spa-goers may opt for this facial treatment during their lunch hour. Galvanic facials are not for everybody, including those with heart conditions, pace makers, braces, and those who have undergone major metal dental work.

Galvanic treatments are not just categorized as a facial service. They can also be used for the entire body, mainly the hips, arms, thighs, and stomach, to target cellulite reduction, improve firmness, and increase circulation.
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Facials for Men

Facials for men are specifically formulated to male needs, which are often shaving-related, such as razor burn, or other conditions like skin sensitivity and dullness.
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Men’s Facial Guide

Spas are not just for women anymore, these days more and more men are seeking out spa treatments! Some spas cater exclusively to men with high-tech amenities like flat-screen TVs that play sporting events, wireless Internet access, and IPod docking stations. Men’s spas may have sleek interiors that incorporate stainless steel, leather, and wood and have full barber shop facilities and bars where men can unwind with snacks like chips and even beer!

Facials for men are specifically formulated to male needs, which are often shaving-related, such as razor burn, or other conditions like skin sensitivity and dullness. There are also men’s facials that target skin roughened by spending time in the great outdoors and ones that are tailored to acne, excessive sweating, living in a city, and skin conditions related to aging. Deep-pore cleansing, moisturizing, exfoliation, toning, and vigorous facial, neck, and shoulder massages are sometimes included during men’s facials, which usually last from 30-minutes to a few hours long. Different products are used for men’s and women’s facials, and when essential oils are used, more traditionally masculine scents are the norm and masks, lotions, and hot towels are often utilized. Men may need to schedule a series of facial treatments to see optimal results.

Men may also want to consider scheduling an appointment for a spa facial before their wedding day so they look their best when walking down the aisle.

After their treatments, men should ask their spa therapists about special skin-care products that are formulated to treat skin concerns that affect men and any skin-care regimens that they can follow on their own at home.Other popular spa treatments targeted to men could include massages particularly modalities tailored to sports like golf, laser hair removal, hair care, shaving services, microdermabrasion, sunless tanning, men’s manicures and pedicures, and waxing.
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Oxygen Facials

Oxygen facials are said to combat visible signs of aging linked to poor conveyance of oxygen from subcutaneous capillaries to the surface of the skin. They address the deficiency by delivering highly concentrated oxygen molecules directly to the epidermis so you can put your best face forward.
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What is an oxygen facial?

Oxygen facials are said to combat visible signs of aging linked to poor conveyance of oxygen from subcutaneous capillaries to the surface of the skin. They address the deficiency by delivering highly concentrated oxygen molecules directly to the epidermis. A stream of high-pressurized oxygen infused with botanical, vitamin, mineral, and nutrient extracts is applied to the face and neck. The oxygen absorbs the moisturizing agents into the skin for a smoother, plumper look, providing a healthy glow.

Oxygen facials are becoming more en vogue in the spa industry, cropping up on many spa menus. These types of facials particularly began to gain momentum when celebrities such as Madonna touted the skincare service for its ability to create a plumper and smoother surface, hiding imperfections and resulting in a more youthful appearance. The oxygen facial is a popular treatment to indulge in prior to a big event or soirée, and it can be performed on all skin types.

Many spas also are offering add-on oxygen “infusions” following most traditional facial treatments. These add-on treatments are designed to nourish the skin and stimulate new collagen growth. Oxygen infusions can include antibacterial, brightening, green tea, Vitamin C, and collagen.
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Why get an oxygen facial?

The benefits of oxygen facials are said to range from thorough pore cleansing to lightened hyperpigmentation.

Oxygen is suggested to strengthen skin’s elasticity and help eliminate acne-causing bacteria, as well as reduce fine lines and wrinkles, even out skin tone, and diminish pores.
Many people who experience the non-surgical oxygen facial treatment see an immediate change in their appearance. Effects of oxygen facials are said to last about two days; for best results, many spas will recommend a series of six treatments along a six-week time frame, followed by monthly touch-up visits.

Many experts suggest that environment, smoking, and excessive amount of makeup lead to lack of oxygen to the skin.
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Rosacea Facials

Soothe away concerns about rosacea facials. Find out what exactly is in a rosacea facial and what you should be telling your spa therapist before you go.
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What is a rosacea facial?

Facials for clients with rosacea are soothing services using products aimed at calming irritation and decreasing the appearance of redness associated with this skin condition. Facials for rosacea are designed to protect, correct, and boost the skin by strengthening delicate capillaries and evening skin tone.

Prior to reserving a spa appointment, clients should confirm that his or her aesthetician has had extensive experience treating those with rosacea. Products using ingredients such as alcohol, eucalyptus, fragrance, rosehip, menthol, peppermint, aloe, and witch hazel, which are known to irritate rosacea, should be avoided, according to a survey conducted by the National Rosacea Society. Facial massages, chemical peels, heat and steam services such as saunas, exfoliations, mud and clay masks, waxing, electrolysis, and hot towels applied to the face, may also trigger flare-ups.

However, a variety of spa services, including a calming back massage, are beneficial in relaxation and soothing emotional stress, which is among one of the top-ranking rosacea causes, according to the National Rosacea Society. Other ingredients used in spa treatments that can be soothing to the skin could include chamomile or green tea, arnica, cucumber, red algae, red clover, thyme, willow herb, zinc, oatmeal, and olive oil. IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and laser treatments may also be recommended to help treat rosacea.

Clients should re-mention their facial rosacea to his or her aesthetician and massage therapist upon arrival at the spa. It also may be helpful to seek out spa therapists who have experience dealing with skin affected by rosacea for spa treatments. Daily skin care may also be recommended by a spa therapist or dermatologist. Some mineral makeup lines can actually help in the treatment of rosacea as well; be sure to ask if the spa can recommend certain cosmetic lines that may be helpful in targeting this condition.
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Sensitive Skin Facial

Benefit from the gentle care of sensitive skin facials with hypoallergenic products and a lighter touch. Sensitive skin can be caused by a variety of factors like environmental damage, rosacea, extreme peels or laser treatments or by natural disposition. Facials for sensitive skin utilize gentle procedures and hypoallergenic products that are appropriate for irritation-prone skin. Those with skin sensitivities should not fear the calming effects of gentle facials. Facials for sensitive skin can improve complexion, reduce inflammation and boost your skin’s immunity which will help prevent future irritations.
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What does a sensitive or calming facial feel like?

Expect gentle touch and products with ingredients such as natural fruits and plant elements and sea-derived extracts, which are known to reduce redness. Light enzyme peels may be used to exfoliate, followed by a soothing serum and mask. Many calming facials conclude with a moisturizer formulated to reduce redness and calm inflammation. Sensitive skin facial treatments require a personalized approach, so clients should consult with their aesthetician ahead of time about concerns. A follow-up skincare regimen is also a healthy post-treatment discussion topic.
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Signature Facials

Spa facials are exclusively unique to each spa. Discover what goes into a spa’s own specialty treatments.
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What is a signature facial?

Signature facials use a specific skin care product and technique unique to the spa, distinguishing the service from a traditional or standard experience. Many signature spa treatments like facials incorporate ingredients from the spa’s natural surroundings like local clay, ocean salt, mud, algae, and fruits. Other signature facials may be tailored to the spa’s locale, for example offering facials that target the dry desert heat, the effects of the sun, especially at a beachside location, or spa facials that are developed especially for people who live in areas situated at high altitudes. Spa signature facials sometimes adopt names relating to a location like a casino with words like “luck” and “dice” in the treatment name or even naming a spa facial after a cultural festival like Mardi Gras in New Orleans or Carnival in Brazil.

Since signature facials are proprietary to each spa, clients have the opportunity to indulge in unique experiences that the spa has perfected are often the most popular among the spa’s clientele. The culture of the spa’s location can also play a part in spa treatments like facials, like spas in Arizona featuring facials inspired by Native American rituals. Other signature facials may incorporate luxurious extras like 24 karat gold, pearls, caviar, and jade stones. The spa’s treatment philosophy often influences services like spa facials, such as embracing Ayurvedic or Thai philosophies.

Many signature spa facials are tailored to individual clients and often last longer than treatments on the regular list of services. Signature facials can be paired with other signature offerings like massages, manicures, and pedicures to be enjoyed together or can also be found in packages featuring a variety of signature services.
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Teen Facial or Acne Facial

Uncover the importance of good skin care habits at a young age with teen facials. Facials for teens are often designed to specifically address breakouts that frequently are associated with adolescent skin. Teen facials typically begin with a deep cleansing, followed by gentle extractions. A healing mask will then help to rehydrate dry, flaky skin, or eliminate oily particles.
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Why get a teen facial?

Created with the teen’s complexion needs in mind, these facials can help with persisting teen skincare troubles or prevent them before the problem starts. An added bonus—they teach teens the importance of preemptive skincare.

At many spas, aestheticians are available to consult with teens regarding at-home recommendations to maintain consistent skincare results. Many spas enforce age requirements, insisting that guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
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Here are the most common questions we receive about Facials.

[accordion title=”What are the benefits of facial ?” opened=”0″ class_icon_closed=”plus” class_icon_opened=”minus” border=”true”]When received regularly, facial can result in noticeable improvements to skin tone, texture and appearance. A facial can also restore the skin’s normal balance of oil and pH. Additional, temporary results may include: heightened skin softness and pliancy, increased circulation of blood to the face and an overall soothing of the spirit. An added bonus, most people find receiving a professional facial to be exceptionally relaxing and enjoyable.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”What should I do to prepare for facial ?” opened=”0″ class_icon_closed=”plus” class_icon_opened=”minus” border=”true”]Facials are designed to work on your skin from the neck up, you may want to plan on removing your makeup or pulling long hair back. Cosmetics can be reapplied after the service; feel free to bring them with you. Men should be clean shaved unless bearded. Other than these few easy steps, simply be ready to relax and enjoy yourself![/accordion]

[accordion title=”How will the facial begin ?” opened=”0″ class_icon_closed=”plus” class_icon_opened=”minus” border=”true”]You will be asked to complete a brief, confidential client information card, which will aid the esthetician in determining the appropriate treatment for your skin. After being escorted to the facial room, you will be seated in a facial chair. The esthetician will place a coverlet over you to protect your clothing and ensure your comfort. The treatment will begin with the esthetician cleansing and analyzing your skin. Using the information from your client card and skin analysis, the esthetician will discuss how the facial you have chosen will benefit your individual skin.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Can I receive a facial if my skin has some blemishes ?” opened=”0″ class_icon_closed=”plus” class_icon_opened=”minus” border=”true”]The purpose of a facial is to help correct and preserve the health of the skin — it isn’t expected that your skin will be perfect or blemish-free. If you are experiencing problems, we suggest you choose an Acne Treatment Facial, papaya Pell or Glycolic Pell. If your esthetician finds evidence of comedones (blackheads) during your facial, she will gently attempt to remove them using slight pressure from tissue-covered fingertips. If your skin has red eruptions, your esthetician will be able to work on a very mild occurrence. A dermatologist should treat extreme forms of skin eruptions, acne and other skin conditions and diseases. If you have questions about whether or not a facial would be appropriate for you, please consult with your physician.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”It’s my very first facial. Which service should I choose ?” opened=”0″ class_icon_closed=”plus” class_icon_opened=”minus” border=”true”]We recommend our Custom Facial. During this personalized facial, we will ascertain what your needs are and create a customized treatment. Please note: If you have a big event coming up and have never had a facial before, we don’t recommend getting one a day or two before the event. It would be rotten luck if you had a reaction to a product, so get your first facial two to three months before a special occasion, and if you’re considering a peel, come in for a patch test first.[/accordion]

[accordion title=” I have oily skin and suffer from breakouts. Will a facial help this ?” opened=”0″ class_icon_closed=”plus” class_icon_opened=”minus” border=”true”]In a word – Yes. For oily, breakout-prone skin, we use products that clean and slough off excess oil and dead skin cells. After cleansing and a light scrub, gentle extractions are performed. Following extractions, your aesthetician will choose an appropriate mask for your skin, then tone and moisturize with an oil-free moisturizer. We may also discuss your lifestyle and recommend certain changes to help combat excess oil and acne.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”How long does a Dermaplaning treatment take to perform ?” opened=”0″ class_icon_closed=”plus” class_icon_opened=”minus” border=”true”]A Typical Dermaplaning treatment is 30 – 40 minutes long.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”My teenager has gotten spotty and picks at her/his skin. She won’t listen to me! What do I do ?” opened=”0″ class_icon_closed=”plus” class_icon_opened=”minus” border=”true”]Hormonal changes combined with a poor diet, stress, lack of sleep and other environmental factors can wreak havoc on the skin. Lifestyle changes can go a long way to improve the skin, especially alongside regular facials. Before you consider antibiotics or prescription acne drugs, come in and let us look at your teen’s skin.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”My skin is getting dryer, more sensitive… and more and more wrinkles? Help!” opened=”0″ class_icon_closed=”plus” class_icon_opened=”minus” border=”true”]Skin ages prematurely due to many factors. Overexposure to the sun, alcohol, tobacco, and stress can all take a toll on your skin’s elasticity and vibrancy. We cannot promise you miracles after your first facial, but we can guarantee results with consistent care and adherence to our recommended routine. To combat the various signs of aging, we recommend a more complex and focused facial.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”I have ethnic skin and I scar and hyper pigment very easily. I’m worried about getting a facial” opened=”0″ class_icon_closed=”plus” class_icon_opened=”minus” border=”true”]You can absolutely still get facials. Experienced estheticians know that darker skin types are more prone to scarring and hyper-pigmentation, and at Queen Bee we know our limitations. You can receive gentle extractions, however we will never force a blackhead out of your skin, and we will always use professional products to prepare and soften the skin before extractions. Count your blessings – darker skin is less likely to age prematurely.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”My husband doesn’t take care of his skin. What do you recommend?” opened=”0″ class_icon_closed=”plus” class_icon_opened=”minus” border=”true”]Most men don’t think about having facials and many are happy to use a bar of whatever they pick up at the store to cleanse their skin from head to toe. At Pelle Dolce, we also see a lot of male clients who have made their faces very sensitive and raw by using the wrong razor, creams and shaving techniques. A great routine for men is to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize at night. In the morning when shaving, use a gentle cleanser, a cream-based shaving cream, a toner and a gentle moisturizer to help prevent irritation..[/accordion]

[accordion title=” I would love a peel or something more aggressive to make my skin glow, which facial should I get ?” opened=”0″ class_icon_closed=”plus” class_icon_opened=”minus” border=”true”]Potential We have several options to choose from at Pelle Dolce. After analyzing your skin, we will select a peel that will work best for you. This could be a series of Sensa or Bi Peels or our famous Epic Enzyme Peel at five or ten percent. [/accordion]

[accordion title=”Can I get a facial if I’m pregnant ?” opened=”0″ class_icon_closed=”plus” class_icon_opened=”minus” border=”true”]Absolutely. We provide a safe environment for our pregnant and nursing mothers. Beds are bolstered, and you’ll be propped in a very comfortable position for the duration of your facial. Chemical-free products are used at all times to ensure the safety of all of our clients.[/accordion]

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