laser hair removal

Laser Hair Removal

If you struggle with removing unwanted hair, you're not alone. Many find it difficult to keep up with the time-consuming, ineffective hair removal treatments that they've performed their whole lives in the hopes of maintaining a hairless body. But hair removal doesn't need to be so challenging. In case that you’re an avid waxer, you know that you must visit the salon every 4-6 weeks–undergo the distressing process of waxing, just to attain a short-lived silky smooth skin. Perhaps, you should contemplate about having some of that unwanted hair removed on a less painful and more permanent basis. Laser hair removal is a very effective method that could help in reducing follicular growth. The interesting fact is, the follicular growth could be dropped down to 80% after the final treatment. Meaning to say, in case that your hair returns, it will be more thinner– almost semi-transparent. The hair is eliminated to the point that any additional growth of hair wouldn’t be that noticeable. If it’s necessary, you can request for supplementary treatments or touch-ups to polish the end result. Being familiar with how the process works will help you to discover the ideal medical spa near you. A place that is fully equipped with the most up-to-date hair removal technology.

Determine The Skin and Hair Type Before Laser Treatment

Before anything else, the skin and hair type of the patients should be taken into account. Skin types contribute to the quantity of melanin or pigment in the skin layers. In which individuals who are fair-skinned (extremely light skin), that reacts very easily with sunlight is regarded as either skin type I or II. On the other hand, olive colored complexions belong to skin types III or IV, and the very dark complexion could be categorized as skin types V and VI. Hair thickness is essential as well. The hair removal laser generates a particular wavelength which could only be absorbed by a a specific type of pigment. Very dark hair that is often thick indicates there’s a good amount of pigment that could effectively absorb the light of the laser. Once the pigment assimilates the light, the hair follicle would be eradicated. The main advantage of using a laser with the recommended wavelength and penetration is, only the hair follicle is affected not the surrounding tissue. Although, improper pairing of the laser and setting that is not applicable to the patient’s skin and hair type could result to burns, hyper, or hypo pigmentation.

The Number of laser hair removal treatments Needed

A lot of people wonder why there are 6-8 sessions recommended to complete the laser hair removal treatment. The reason behind that is, hair follicles develop in stages. Wherein the immature hair follicle is farthest from the skin’s surface–these follicles aren’t destroyed by the laser. As the follicle grows, it starts to move on to the surface. With this, the early follicle becomes very vulnerable. To wrap it all up, only visible follicles could be eradicated by the laser and it takes 6-8 cycles to insure that the treatment would be successful.

Feel the best in your bikini

It's hard enough to feel confident in a bathing suit without the added stress of worrying about embarrassing shaving bumps or stray bikini hairs. Ideal Image has the answer. We offer a laser version of the full Brazilian bikini wax. Our bikini line pubic hair removal procedure is one of our most sought after hair removal procedures. This area is one of the easiest and fastest areas to treat, with most of these laser procedures being completed in just 20 minutes. Our laser specialists can remove as little or as much hair as you wish, while paying particular attention to your comfort.

Are you still seeing the 5 oclock shadow even after you shave your bikini line or underarms?

Laser hair removal is the solution. First the hair is destroyed from underneath the skin, and sheds out completely. Afterwards the skin pores close leaving only smooth sexy skin. No more shaving, waxing, bumps, razor burns and no more 5 O'clock shadow.

How much does laser hair removal cost ?

The cost of laser hair removal is all dependent upon how much hair is removed from the area. We can remove hair from any area of the body, but everyone is a little bit different. It's important to come into our Day Spa for a Complimentary Consultation and discuss exactly what your needs are. We will customize a package just for you...

Everyone can benefit from laser hair removal

As with all laser hair removal treatments, blond, gray and red hair does not respond since the laser targets melanin, the pigment in the hair follicle.

More and more men are having it done too

The full male Brazilian is becoming more in style every year. Although for most men the back, chest and abs are the most popular areas.

The benefits of laser hair removal

There's no better feeling than stepping out of the shower after shaving and experiencing ultimate smoothness everywhere on your body. Imagine feeling that way every day - even when you're running low on time and can only afford to take a five-minute shower. With Brazilian laser hair removal, you're able to experience smooth, clean skin in your pubic area with minimal effort. Gone are the days of accidentally nicking yourself in the most sensitive parts of your body. Instead, you'll have silky skin even in the hardest areas to reach. No longer will you have to endure irritating stubble, ingrown hair or 5 o'clock shadows. It will appear as though you never had hair there to begin with!

Aside from the fresh feeling you can enjoy every day, there are a number of additional advantages to a hairless pubic region. You can throw on a bikini without worrying about the last time you shaved or waxed, and you can choose any style of lingerie without having to consider whether it works with your grooming technique. Many popular bikini bottoms and panties are becoming increasingly narrow, exposing more of the region than ever before. Wear the latest fashions with confidence and stop planning your life around your hair removal needs.

• Experience flawless and effortless skin
• Look great in your bikini and lingerie
• Feel fresher, cleaner and more confident

Brazilian laser hair removal

Years ago, there may have been a stigma attached to removing all hair from one's pubic region, but that concept has since faded. Aesthetics are a major reason for choosing the Brazilian style, but guests often choose it for the sense of optimal personal hygiene as well. People of all ages, professions, lifestyles and marital statuses seek Brazilian laser hair removal for the smooth, beautiful results they can experience. Women aren't the only ones who enjoy a fresh, clean feeling every day. Some men opt to remove their pubic hair with laser hair removal because of its effectiveness and long-lasting results. Manscaping is becoming less of a trend and more of a common grooming technique within the male population. At Ideal Image, we perform these treatments on a number of men and ensure their comfort levels throughout the process.

Forget waxing and shaving, think laser! If you've been thinking about getting a Brazilian, consider Brazilian laser hair removal over waxing or shaving for a more permanent solution. Brazilian laser hair removal at Ideal Image is and has been one of our most popular laser hair removal treatments over the years. Over the last 10, we've performed well over 4.5 million laser hair removal treatments nationwide, and we're the only hair removal company in the country dedicated exclusively to laser hair removal, it's all we do. Dating back as far as 4,000 BC the removal of body hair including the pubic area has been a custom of women. The removal of pubic hair by Western women became more common when bathing suits became abbreviated, starting in 1945. Changes in lingerie styles have also encouraged the removal of pubic hair throughout the years. Today's models must wear garments of an extreme narrowness in both the front and back of the bikini area. Over the past decades the desire to remove more hair has made the Brazilian a very common place choice for women everywhere. Brazilian laser hair removal is a more permanent hair removal treatment for removing all or almost all pubic hair from the pubic region.

Once the hair has been removed it's as if there was never any hair to begin with. These laser hair removal procedures are our most popular because many women love the idea of not having to worry about bikini bumps and ingrown hairs, and just love that fresh clean feeling every single day of the year. Not having to waste time every morning or repeatedly paying for temporary solutions like waxing are key reasons why Brazilian laser hair removal has become so popular with our guests. While a Brazilian can be a variety of different hair removal styles that remove almost all pubic hair from the pubic region, a full Brazilian removes it all, leaving no hair whatsoever. Choose to leave a neat strip, triangle, or no hair whatsoever... it's completely your choice!

Laser hair removal for your legs, say good bye to shaving forever

We all want sleek, long legs that go on for days. But as beautiful as they are, legs are also the largest part of your body that you need to shave or wax. When you think of all the time you spend in the shower dragging a razor over your stubble, the idea of long legs quickly become more of a burden and less of an ideal aesthetic quality. Silky legs don't have to be so tiresome. With leg laser hair removal, you can ditch your daily razor routine and cancel your monthly wax appointments. After a series of sessions, you'll enjoy permanent hair reduction in the most time-consuming area of your body.

Silky smooth legs

The appeal of eternally bare legs goes far beyond the aesthetics. Trying on clothes feels different, curling up in fresh sheets is exponentially more comfortable and your confidence skyrockets. There's nothing like feeling the smoothness of freshly shaved or waxed legs. Imagine being able to cut your shower time in half. Consider what it would be like to wake up and choose any article of clothing for the day without calculating the number of days since you last shaved your legs. Think of how freeing it would be to glide your hand over your legs and always feel that same just-shaved smoothness. Leg laser hair removal safely and effectively provides you with these results in just a few treatments.

• Enjoy soft, sexy legs.
• Feel cleaner and more confident.
• Save time from your morning routine.
• Ditch the daily shaving and monthly waxing.

Imagine never having to pack your razor for the quick weekend getaway, never worrying about annoying leg hair stubble, and no more painful nicks in the shower when shaving your legs. Additionally, laser hair removal of the legs can save as much as 1 hour per week, which would normally be wasted shaving. That's 52 hours per year!

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