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Our mission at Pelle Dolce is to enhance the beauty of all women with natural, quality skin care products that are truly organic and safe for all skin types. By providing women with as much accurate information possible and the truth about cosmetics, we can help them make informed choices about their health and well being.

At our Skin Care Clinics, we take pride in providing the best professional services we possibly can. How do we do this? By establishing personal relationships with our clients, their families, and our global network of suppliers. By incorporating a business style that challenges and recognizes each employee as a valuable member of our team. It is important to have a blend of positive, supportive people who can help you see your strengths and your weaknesses. People who truly want to help make the world a better place. Together, we believe that the best in each of us enriches all of us.

We apply that same philosophy to our skin care products. In order for our skin care products to achieve the best standards possible, we spend thousands of hours doing our homework. We have discovered the finest fruits, flowers, oils, herbs, and extracts from certified organic farms from more than 50 countries. We import these ingredients fresh every week so we can keep our products pure and natural. We also strive to have a no landfill waste standard by using recycled paper and plastics. We take pride in having achieved a zero carbon footprint.

After overwhelming demand, we decided to start making our products available worldwide. This has been a long and very involved process and we are happy to announce that we have finally made that dream a reality. The process of formulating, testing and reformulating our products to withstand high heat and freezing shipping conditions is painstakingly long. We wanted our products to stay truly natural, so for over 5 years we searched the globe and tested over 100 different organic ingredients that could be used as a safe natural preservative.

Our favorite way of expressing our gratitude is by giving back to women’s organizations. We donate a percentage of all Pelle Dolce sales to several charities. These organizations primary goal is to help support women and girls all of over the world. At Pelle Dolce we love to improve the lives of everyone.

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[box_title font_size=”20″ font_alignment=”left” border=”bottom-little-line”]ORGANIC SKIN CARE PRODUCTS[/box_title]

Pelle Dolce is a real natural skin care product line that only formulates with true organic ingredients. A safe skin care program without the harmful side effects of potentially toxic chemicals.  Our skin care products offer you more than just the typical temporary results.

Our triple action formulas are made from our proprietary blends of natural herbs, extracts, vitamins, essential oils and healthy moisturizers will penetrate deeper in to the skin where they can achieve the best results.

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Are you looking to buy Skin Care Products that actually improve the appearance of your skin and can be more healthy for you?  Try Pelle Dolce.  Our natural skin care products have been proven safe for all skin types.

At our Primary Spa, we spend thousands of hours formulating, testing and retesting our products.  These natural formulas are designed to help improve circulation, detoxify, re-hydrate and replenish healthy skin with the best organic nutrients available.

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[box_title font_size=”24″ border=”bottom-little-line” animate=””]ORGANIC INGREDIENTS MAKE THE BEST SKIN CARE[/box_title]
[box_title font_size=”20″ font_alignment=”left” border=”bottom-little-line”]HIGHEST STANDARDS, QUALITY PEOPLE[/box_title]

People, Process, & Product, the 3 standards that make a company great. To be the Best, we have set the highest standards and we only hire the right people who share in our passion.  It is important to have a blend of positive, supportive people who can help us all see our strengths and our weaknesses. People who want to be a valuable member of our team and help make the world a better, healthier place. Together, we believe that the best in each of us, enriches all of us.

[box_title font_size=”20″ font_alignment=”left” border=”bottom-little-line” animate=””]THE WORLDS BEST SUPPLIERS FOR SKINCARE[/box_title]

We searched the entire globe in order to buy the finest organic herbs, emollients, fruits, extracts, and essential oils. Every week, we import more than 800 ingredients, grown by the best organic farmers from over 50 different countries, and blend them together in our own manufacturing facility. Quality control is very important to us. We want our next batch of skin care products to be more fresh and pure than the first batch we made 14 years ago.

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