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Grapeseed oil

Grapeseed oil is used in natural skin care products for its moisturizing, skin repair, emollient, antioxidant, astringent and antiseptic properties.

Grapeseed oil is used in natural skin care products for its moisturizing, skin repair, emollient, antioxidant, astringent and antiseptic properties.

Organic Grape Seed Oil is becoming more and more known in the organic skin care market as excellent moisturizer and also as an organic massage oil. This botanical essential oil is most often used by itself or in combination with other all natural ingredients in organic facial and body skin care products. It is easily absorbed and goes deep into skin layers for real moisturization. This oil is also quite rich in Vitamin E, has a pleasant, nutty aroma, and is rich in anti-oxidants that provide real anti-aging benefits for the skin.

All-natural, Organic Grape Seed Oil actually has the ability to increase the amount of collagen in the skin – how’s that for rejuvenation and anti-aging? It has powerful healing properties for the skin, as it greatly reduces inflammation, the most common cause of disease. The essential oil is known to heal skin lesions caused by Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne, and many other common skin disorders. The botanical oil contains linoleic, olecic, palmatic, stearic and palmitoleic acids, is rich in natural Vitamins E, C, D, as well as Beta Carotene. Organic Grape Seed Oil’s marvelous anti-aging properties, due to its richness of natural antioxidants, include firming and toning the skin. It can also alleviate stretch marks, varicose veins and severely dry skin.

This essential oil is light green in color due to the natural chlorophyll remaining in it, and its richness in Linoleic Acid gives it the powerful anti-inflammatory properties. It is known to be a very effective emollient, as it nourishes and smooths skin, improving the appearance of wrinkles and other common signs of aging. Recent scientific research has also demonstrated Grape Seed Oil’s ability to stimulate skin cells’ regeneration- i.e. cause new skin cell growth!

Whether used in its pure, organic essential oil form or used as an organic ingredient in facial and body moisturizers, Organic Grape Seed oil absorbs quickly and easily- it doesn’t just sit on top of the skin like synthetic, petro oils and chemicals, which is largely why it is such an effective moisturizer and has the ability to heal skin. It has a lovely, botanical fragrance and is non-greasy, as well. This essential oil is also known for its ability to retain skin moisture, improve acne and is non-allergenic. Organic Grape Seed Oil has been found to be highly beneficial for all skin types (even oily skin!), it is often recommended for skin types that do not easily absorb moisture. Want to have the magnificent anti-aging and healing benefits of this lovely organic essential oil in your daily skin care regimen.

Grapeseed oil is extracted from the seeds of grapes, typically wine grapes. Since grape seeds are usually discarded as part of the wine making process, the extraction and sale of grapeseed oil can be a profitable sideline, as well as an efficient use of a byproduct. In the twentieth century, grapeseed oil began to be processed and sold in much higher volume, primarily in the United States and Europe. Many stores sell pure grapeseed oil for various applications.

Because each seed yields a small amount of oil, grapeseed oil is usually extracted chemically. The chemical extraction does have an impact on the flavor of the oil, but it makes grapeseed oil affordable for people who want to purchase it. The oil is known for being light in color and flavor, with a hint of nuttiness. It is a polyunsaturated oil, and contains beneficial compounds such as linoleic acid.

There are two primary uses for grapeseed oil: cosmetics and culinary applications. When purchasing grapeseed oil to use in food, make sure that it is clearly marked as food grade. Some cosmetic grapeseed oils are stabilized with chemicals which could be harmful to consume. Like other oils, grapeseed oil should be stored in a cool dark place until it is used, unless it has been heavily stabilized. For people who use it rarely, refrigeration is best. Although grapeseed oil may congeal slightly, it will go rancid much more slowly when kept in the fridge.

In foods, grapeseed oil has numerous uses. It has a very high smoking point, so many people use grapeseed oil to fry foods. It can also be included in dressings and sauces, and since it emulsifies very well, it does not generally separate when used to make things like mayonnaise. The flavor is also unobtrusive, allowing diners to focus on the main component of the dish. Culinary grapeseed oil can also be flavored with the addition of things like peppers, truffle shavings, and herbs.

In cosmetics, grapeseed oil is widely used. It is often combined with other oils to make massage oil, since it glides well on the skin and it also has moisturizing properties. Grapeseed oil appears to assist with skin repair, as it has mildly astringent and antiseptic qualities. Some companies use grapeseed oil as a short term natural preservative in body products, while others integrate it into moisturizing creams, sunscreen, and an assortment of other products.

Grapeseed Oil Benefits

Grape seed oil has several important health benefits. It is a good source of essential fatty acids and vitamin E. The polyphenols and flavonoids found in this oil contain strong antioxidant compounds. Most of the grape seed oil health benefits can be attributed to the presence of these nutrients. These health benefits of grape seed oil are enumerated below.

• The flavonoid ‘oligomeric procyanidin’, found in grape seed oil is an incredibly strong antioxidant, about 50 times stronger than antioxidants like, vitamin C and E. So, this compound can provide protection against cellular and tissue damage caused by free radicals.

• Grape seed oil can boost the health of the heart and the cardiovascular system by lowering the level of bad LDL cholesterol. This oil can increase the level of good HDL cholesterol, which can reduce the risk of coronary diseases. In addition, two studies showed that taking grapeseed extract and chromium, helped in lowering the bad cholesterol levels.

• Grape seed oil contains linoleic acid, which is a polyunsaturated fatty acid that can prove beneficial for people having diabetes.
• Grape seed oil can help strengthen and repair damaged or broken capillaries and blood vessels. This in turn, can help to improve circulation and alleviate conditions like, varicose veins, spider veins and hemorrhoids.

• Grape seed oil has anti-inflammatory properties, for which it can provide relief against pain and swelling caused by arthritis. Even in conditions like, rheumatoid arthritis, this oil can provide great relief.

• Many studies show that grape seed extracts help in preventing colon, prostate, stomach, breast and lung cancer cells. Antioxidants found in grapeseed extract, help in preventing cancer.

• Grape seed oil can also prove beneficial in conditions like, asthma, allergies, acne and dermatitis.

• The oil from grapeseed reduces LDL (bad Cholesterol) and increases HDL (good cholesterol), which in turn helps in keeping your arteries clear.
• Omega-3, Omega-6, and Omega-9 are the fatty acids found in this oil. These fatty acids benefit us by forestalling any heart diseases and influence the biological properties in our body.

• Grape seed oil contains high levels of Vitamin E, which is a fat-soluble antioxidant. It aids in preventing any cell membrane related injuries.

• The oil from grapeseed helps the immune system and increases the blood circulation as well.

• After any surgery or an injury, the oil reduces the swelling faster than any other medicines.

• Flavonoids found in grape seed oil work to inflect cell-signaling pathways. Oregon State University states, “The Flavonoids have an antioxidant behavior that responds to iron and copper that bond to proteins”.

• Grapeseed is mildly astringent in nature and helps to tighten and tone skin.

• Grapeseed contains proanthocyanidins, which are very potent antioxidants, that help in diminishing the sun’s damaging effects and lessen free radical damage.

• Grapeseed oil is also helpful for healing wounds. It is rich in linoleic acid levels, which is an essential fatty acid that is quite important for the skin and cell membranes.

• Grapeseed oil has great moisturizing properties.

• Grapeseed oil is also rich in vitamins, minerals and causes no skin irritation.

Grape Seed Oil For Skin Care

Many people use grape seed oil for skin, basically for its emollient properties. This oil can be found in a wide range of cosmetics like, lip balm, creams, moisturizers, sunblocks and lotions. Even many hair care products contain this oil. You can use grape seed oil for hair to promote hair growth, and make it smooth and soft. Due to its antioxidant properties, grape seed oil can delay skin aging by minimizing the damage caused by free radicals.

Grape seed oil can provide protection against sun damage as well. It has astringent properties and therefore, can tighten the skin. The linoleic acid found in grape seed oil can be very beneficial in skin conditions like, acne, dermatitis and eczema. Linoleic acid can soothe and nourish the skin, and help it to repair. Vitamin E on the other hand, keeps the skin firm and smooth. Grape seed oil is easily absorbed by the body, and it can be used for reducing age spots, sun burn, wrinkles and stretch marks as well.

Grapeseed Oil Side Effects.

Short-term treatment with appropriate doses of grape seed oil extract typically does not elicit side effects. Health professionals at the University of Maryland Medical Center recommend limiting your treatment with grape seed oil extract to no more than 12 weeks to lower your risk of developing side effects.

Mild side effects associated with grape seed oil extract include elevated blood pressure, dizziness, headache, nausea and indigestion, reports the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Additionally, you may notice that your scalp appears unusually dry or flaky and itches profusely. If any of these side effects become severe or persist, contact your doctor for further evaluation and care.

People allergic to grapes may not be able to use this oil, while those taking anticoagulant drugs and medications to lower cholesterol and blood pressure should better confirm with their physician before using any kind of grape seed extract including, grape seed oil for medicinal purposes. This supplement may also enhance the effects of blood thinners such as warfarin. Use of grape seed oil extract when you are taking blood thinners may increase your risk of developing bleeding complications.

Benefits of grapeseed oil

1. Acne
Skin needs a good supply of linoleic acid to help to strengthen cell membranes and improve skin health generally. Grapeseed oil contains this fatty acid, so it can be a good solution to improve or cure various skin conditions such as acne.
The oil also has a considerable amount of antioxidant ability thus it can prevent the pores from clogging. Clogged pores usually trigger acne breakouts, so regular application of grapeseed oil may prevent the problems.
Another good thing is that the oil possesses anti inflammatory properties. Therefore, it does not only prevent acne breakouts, but it also helps to cure any existing acne problems.

2. Skin Tightening
Astringent is one of the most important ingredients contained in grapeseed oil. The substance will stimulate biological tissues to contract and draw together. It is medically useful for various purposes especially for reducing swelling. Cosmetic companies also sell a lot of products that use this substance as an ingredient.
Regular application of grapeseed oil will basically deliver a good amount of astringent which is useful for skin toning and tightening. For these purposes, people with oily skin will take the most of grapeseed oil’s advantages.

3. Minimize Under-eye Circles
Dark circles are common facial skin problems as the results of sun exposure, dehydration, excessive alcohol drinking, etc. The problems usually appear in adulthood, but children may develop the same conditions as well.
People with sensitive eye often find that applying cosmetic products on those circles may not be comfortable to the eyes. Chemical substances contained in the products are probably the main causes.
Fortunately, removing under-eye circles is one of the greatest abilities of grapeseed oil for skin. The compound will not be able to bring noticeable results overnight indeed, but regular application for a week can completely eliminate the appearance of those circles. Furthermore, the oil does not contain any harmful chemical substances.

4. Moisturizer
Almost all types of essential oils can be used as skin moisturizer. The most common problem is the residue or oily coating on the skin after application. Grapeseed oil is very light thus it is easily absorbed by the skin and it will not leave any oil residue. People with sensitive skin can even apply the oil without developing any allergic reaction.
Another good thing is that the compound also helps to stimulate skin tissues regeneration. According to the report of an independent study published in Free Radical Biology and Medicine, grapeseed oil can also quicken the healing process of wounds on human skin.

5. Minimize Skin Aging
The antioxidant properties contained in grapeseed oil are excellent for minimizing skin aging. Fine lines and wrinkles are common indications of aging processes, but the oil may help to reduce the appearance of those signs by providing moisture and enough protections against free radicals.
According to University of Maryland Medical Center, ingested grapeseed oil is able to increase the amount of antioxidant in the blood. Other good benefits of grapeseed oil for skin include the abilities to maintain the existence of collagen and elastin.

Oil is generally liquid, so it is even softer than cream and more quickly absorbed. You are likely to be able to apply the oil without any help from anyone else or professional dermatologist.

Grapeseed oil for skin is available widely in beauty stores or online market. This is very popular product, so you should easily find it almost anywhere. The best thing is that you can apply it to almost all parts of your body including facial skin.

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