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What is the Derma Roller ? What can the Derma Roller System treat?

The Dermaroller therapy is one of the most successful minimal invasive treatment concepts providing an improvement of the skin texture. The method of micro-needling has been established for several years as a gentle and safe method for skin tightening, improving skin texture and scar therapy. It has been so effective that it is now termed “collagen induction therapy” (CIT) or percutaneous collagen therapy (PCI) into the latest medical textbooks.

The Dermaroller home epidermal skin regeneration treatment is the perfect addition to a high quality at-home anti-ageing skincare regime, improving the appearance of facial fine lines & wrinkles and sun damaged & ageing skin. Utilizing the Dermaroller for home skin regeneration treatment is an ideal compliment to a Pelle Dolce creams and can help you achieve smoother, brighter, younger, healthier looking skin.

As well as increasing the absorption and efficacy of skin-enhancing products like Pelle Dolce, the Dermaroller will help stimulation of the skin’s cells resulting in a faster renewal cycle of the epidermis as well as stimulating new collagen production. This will increase the thickness of the uppermost layer of the epidermis, improve the skin’s integrity and leave your skin looking younger with a more healthy glow.

Immediately after your Dermaroller Therapy you will look as though you have mild sunburn and your skin may feel warm and tighter than usual. This will start to subside after 1 to 2 hours and will normally recover within the same day with only slight redness the following day. See our Dermaroller guide to determine which roller is best suited for your needs.

What is the Derma Roller?

The derma Roller is a safe and effective way to naturally heal scars, stretch marks, cellulite, wrinkles, hyper pigmentation, acne scars, and even restore hair and create smoother skin. The derma roller is an FDA-approved hand-held device which has shown the ability to naturally stimulate collagen and elastin in the skin to help promote healthier skin cells.

The Derma Roller (or micro needle roller) is a revolutionary hand-held device which has the ability to naturally stimulate collagen and elastin in the skin to promote healthier skin cells in the body. Using 500 extremely fine medical-grade needles, the derma roller painlessly creates micro channels in your skin which trigger the body’s natural healing process to create new, healthier tissue. By renewing your skin cells regularly, you will be able to treat common problems we experience as we age such as wrinkles, skin hyper pigmentation, scars (including acne scars), uneven skin, stretch marks, hair loss or it can simply be used to create smoother skin.

What can the Derma Roller System treat?

The Derma Roller System can be used by both women and men and has numerous beneficial effects including:
– Anti Ageing / Anti Wrinkle
– Cellulite Treatment / Cellulite Reduction or Removal
– Scar Removal – including acne scar removal
– Skin Smoothing
– Stretch Mark Removal

How do you use the Dermaroller?


Understanding Our Skin.

The concept of most skin renewal treatments can simply be described as wound and heal. The youthful glow on a baby’s skin is the result of constant skin renewal, which is the shedding of old skin cells continually being replenished by new ones. As we enter our teen years and beyond, skin renewal starts to slow down. Research has shown that when people reach their 40’s and 50’s, skin only sheds approximately one time every fifty-three days. Skin with un-shed cells build up on the skin’s surface, and becomes a dual culprit to our skin’s dull, aging appearance.

When you try to resurface the skin, they are targeting the treatment within the epidermis (top layer of skin). Peels, dermabrasion and lasers all basically scrub, or burn off the epidermal layer and rely on the skin to regenerate itself. Lotions like collagen creams applied on your skin will only stay on top of this layer of skin mainly because the collagen molecules are just too large to penetrate through the skin’s pores. When you need to remodel the skin for wrinkle treatments, scar treatments, etc., they are focusing the treatment to within the mid-dermal layers of the skin. But was we just told you it is hard to get to this layer without causing serious damage to the epidermis first.

The Dermarollers’ fine needles create small micro-channels in the skin leaving the epidermal layer fully intact. This allows a safe passage way for treating the mid-dermal layer without damaging the surface of the skin. Using the Derma Roller with a nourishing lotion like Pelle Dolce, allows the ingredients to fully penetrate through into the dermal layer so the can go to work helping repair the skin from the inside out. This new process eliminates the risks and negative side effects on the skin commonly encountered with chemical peeling, dermabrasion and laser resurfacing.

How does the Derma Roller Work?

In order for our skin to have a smooth and healthy glow, it must continually be replenished with new cells. The Derma Roller System renews your skin cells from the inside out by using Collagen Induction Therapy (C.I.T.). This is a process where the Derma rollers’ 500 fine medical-grade needles are rolled over your skin to cause pores in your skin to open temporarily. While your pores are opened, it triggers your body’s natural healing process to heal the pores thereby stimulating collagen and elastin production. The production of collagen and elastin helps to thicken the skin, smooth away fine lines and wrinkles and rid the skin of hyper pigmentations.

When the Derma roller is applied simultaneously with the application of nourishing creams, your skins absorption of vitamins, enzymes, lipids and other nourishing ingredients are greatly enhanced. In approximately one to two hours after the application of the Derma roller, these micro-channels fully close through the body’s natural healing process, providing just enough time for new collagen structures to form within the skin’s lower layers, but short enough recovery time to ensure the resumption of your normal schedule. By continuously triggering the body’s natural healing process this way, your skin constantly stimulates collagen and elastin production needed to help restore and remodel your skin on a cosmetic level.

Only minor fractions of the active substances in your favorite creams, gels or lotions can actually penetrate the surface of your skin. The majority of these substances is wasted on your towel, pillow, shower, etc. The active ingredients in these substances do not penetrate deeply enough to be very effective because your skin protects your body from the external environment. However, research has shown that when lotions are used with the Derma Roller System, the effectiveness of these substances are enhanced by up to 10,000 times! Buy a Dermaroller today and start seeing better results from Pelle Dolce!

Results are Quick and Simple.

The speed at which you will see results depends on the condition you are treating, the needle length used and how extensively your body needs to remodel the affected area. Skin renews itself every 40 days, which is why your treatment should be carried out for at least a three-month period. Results are dramatic and fast. You will be able to notice smoother, clearer skin within the first 2-3 weeks, and your skin should heal completely after several months of using the Derma Roller System. It is recommended to take before/after pictures to help you notice improvements in your skin from one week to another because it can be difficult to spot daily changes.

derma roller length

Did You Know?

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were featured on the August 2009 issue of Marie claire to have used the same micro-needling technique to give their skin a smooth and youthful glow. Now, with the Derma Roller and Pelle Dolce, you can achieve similar results as top Hollywood clinics all in the comfort of your own home!

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