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What is Cellulite ? What is the best cellulite treatment ?

Cellulite affects about 90% of all women as well as some men. Some people think that cellulite is a disease; however, that is not true. After years of research, the cause of cellulite was finally determined. TOXINS. Toxins in the air, toxins in our food, toxins in our every day products, etc. Cellulite forms when these toxins enter the fat deposits under the skin causing these fat cells to harden. These hardened fat cells pinch off the small blood capillaries blocking vital oxygen to the skin’s inner connective tissues. Without oxygen these connective tissues turn into scar tissue. As they transform into scar tissue they shrink inward pulling the dimples into the skin. This dimpling is what results in the ‘orange-peel’ appearance.[space height=”30″] cellulite treatments - cellulite cream
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Why you should use Pelle Dolce’s Cellulite formula

Our scientists have spent thousands of hours testing the chemicals in other cellulite treatment and other cellulite creams. These so called cellulite treatment creams are marketed that they can remove your cellulite and that they are safe for your skin. Our conclusion – they are NOT. We knew there had to be a better, safer, more effective cellulite reducing alternative. A cellulite cream without the harmful side effects of drugs and synthetic chemicals. A cellulite cream that would do more than just offer temporary results. So the big question is.. how to remove cellulite safely? Well, we solved it! Our triple action formula is formulated to work at the root of the problem. Our anti cellulite cream utilizes a proprietary blend of all natural ingredients, herbs and vitamins.

Our natural cellulite cream formula is filled with organic ingredients that are designed to improve circulation to the skin bringing with it our formula’s ingredients and the fresh vital oxygen needed for healthy skin. Our cellulite cream has ingredients that help detoxify your skin’s fat cells in an effort to make them them soft and pliable again. it also has specific essential oils and emollient oils that are know to promote remodeling of the old scar ridden connective tissues that are actually responsible for the dimples in the skin, into new pliable elastin and collagen fibers of the skin, effectively reducing the dreaded “orange peel” appearance. This type of natural cellulite treatment consisting of detoxifying and collagen remodeling does take a little time so be patient. Collagen cells live for 4 months, so transforming them takes time. According to our clinical trial, most women will begin to see results around 3 weeks once you start using the cellulite cream. And better results after 8 weeks of continual use of our cellulite cream. Women who used the product for longer than 6 months report an average improvement of significant to excellent results.
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Why all of the other anti cellulite creams won’t work

Almost all of the top cosmetics company’s offer a cellulite removal cream and many claim that they have the best cellulite cream. Most of those so called best cellulite creams on the market today contain shelf life enhancing “chemicals” that could actually be harmful to your skin. Legally, all of us cellulite firming cream manufacturers can only say is that our creams “reduce the appearance of cellulite.” Why is that? Well, lets look at how most of those other creams achieve this outcome.

The drug “Caffeine”, the main ingredient in most creams, temporarily dehydrates your skin making it look tighter. “Polymers” and “Silicone’s” (toxins) often labeled as “Moisturizers” just coat the skin giving it a smooth, shiny appearance and a silky feel. “Astringents” also cause dehydration of the skin making it look more tighter or more subtle. Again a “temporary fix”. And of course, the “Preservatives” (toxins) that extend the shelf life of the products. All water based creams have to use some sort of preservatives or else they will grow mold or bacteria. Some of these chemicals can actually cause severe skin irritation, and permanent skin damage, and definitely should not be used while pregnant or nursing.

So, when you read cellulite cream reviews online, most women state that these “best cellulite treatment creams” didn’t work at all. Well how can they? Those creams are designed to only work temporarily. Pelle Dolce only uses natural ingredients that are safe for all skin types, and is specifically formulated to offer a better long term treatment solution, not just a quick cover up.
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Why are all women prone to getting Cellulite?

Toxins. The food we eat, the air we breath, the products we use everyday, even the water we drink, all contain high levels of preservatives and toxins. When these Toxins enter our bodies they are processed by the liver and stored in our fat cells. Especially in the skin, these stored toxins turn our fat cells hard and lumpy. These hardened fat cells can pinch off the skin’s small blood capillaries that bring oxygen to the surrounding connective tissues (collagen). In women these connective tissues are vertical between the muscle layer and the outer layer of the skin. When these vertical collagen strands are denied of enough oxygen they begin to change into scar tissue, causing them to shrink inward = pulling the dimples into the skin causing the “orange peel” appearance of cellulite. Remember we are what we eat. Men’s skin has twice as much collagen and it has an “X” pattern that doesn’t cause it to dimple as much. But don’t be fooled men get it too.

Cellulite is classified into three different grades.
Grade 1: No symptoms but a microscopic examination of the cells can detect underlying changes in the skin.
Grade 2: The skin has a pastiness and decreased elasticity.
Grade 3: You can visibly see roughness of the skin, such as an orange peel.
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Here are some of the previous possible Cellulite causes and some cellulite remedies !

Hormonal factors – Your hormones can play a substantial role in the development of cellulite. In fact, there can be many things such as estrogen, insulin and thyroid hormones that can play a role in the skins collagen remodeling process resulting in greater than normal look of cellulite. Women’s estrogen and progesterone are the cause of the connective tissue patterns under the skin. Women’s connective tissue is vertical in the dermal layer. While men have a cross hatch pattern and twice as much.
Genetics – Factors such as gender, race, a slow metabolism, insufficient circulation and the distribution of fat underneath the skin. 90% of all women get cellulite.

Diet – Eating too many carbohydrates, eating processed foods, taking in too much salt and not enough fiber, not eating enough essential fatty acids, not enough vitamins and minerals, and most of all not drinking enough water can all contribute to the dimpling appearance. Diet is a huge factor. Too Many people eat “fast food” which really means “over processed = Over preserved” These preservatives are really toxic to our body.

Lifestyle – Not getting enough regular exercise, smoking, and people who sit or stand for long periods of time are more likely to develop cellulite. Smoking (toxins) and people who sit a lot were believed to be pinching off blood flow “oxygen” to the skin cells. But even supermodels and marathon runners get cellulite.

While the use of clinically proven anti cellulite products such as Pelle Dolce™ can help reduce the appearance of fat deposits in the skin, there are unfortunately a variety of products and procedures that are not effective. Some of these ineffective options include Liposuction and excessive exercise.

People who get liposuction generally don’t get it to remove cellulite. According to WEB MD, patients with cellulite are NOT good candidates for liposuction because they may develop skin irregularities. Liposuction is an option that is said to help reduce/remove small bulges in areas such as the hips, abdomen, thighs and buttocks. Liposuction removes fat ONLY. Cellulite is in the skin.

There have been many people that think that lots of exercise will eliminate cellulite. According to real solutions magazine, there are some exercises that people can do to help strengthen and tone their butt and thighs. Brazil Butt Lift However, exercise and losing weight will NOT eliminate all evidence of cellulite. In fact, over-exercising may actually cause your body to hold on to fat and may even worsen the appearance of your cellulite. Even professional body builders with 3% body fat, still get cellulite.

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