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Our Passion is to Enhance the Beauty  of all Women with Real Natural Skin Care Products Blended from the Best Organic Ingredients in the World.
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…to the wonderful world of Pelle Dolce skin care. Here you can learn everything you always wanted to know about Skin Care, Spa treatments and Organic skin care manufacturing. This website is full of the best information from skin experts. You can also purchase the best all natural organic skin care products in the world.
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We started this company to help solve some serious problems with the skin care industry. Most skin care products contain very few healthy ingredients and a lot of toxic preservatives that are very damaging to the skin and our bodies. Really most companies use cheap tricks to improve the appearance but it is temporary.
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Let me tell you about this amazing Burn relief cream...

Dr Mike invented this Burn Cream formula for women going through radiation treatment that worked so well the oncology Dr’s asked him to make it for all their clinics world wide.  It is full of natural anti-inflammatories, healing herbs, and nutrients known for their ability to regenerate collagen. Word spread of the amazing results into the sports world and now both Professional & Olympic athletes use it every day to help relieve the pain from the tremendous stress they endure.

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